What do you get when you combine food, wine, photography and technology besides pictures of a greasy keyboard?
I’m Andy, aka ‘That Jew’, and this site was created to share some of my hobbies. We launched in January of 2010 when Cablevision dropped the Food Network and we needed some foodie entertainment.  I’ll acknowledge that I’m not “The Next Food Network Star” material…yet.

My lovely wife Nicole, aka “That Shiksa”, has also joined the fun.  Not only does she bake, but she puts up with the nonsense that food photography brings to an operating kitchen!  I truly am blessed.

We also have a dog, Mandee, who doesn’t really earn her keep in the blogging department. She helps me pick up the scraps, and once in while bites. I am pretty sure the blogger union frowns on that.

While I am a much better cook than photographer and writer, I will do my best to keep you entertained and hopefully learn a thing or two on the way.

If you have any recommendations feel free to drop us a note.

Happy eating!