You vs. Jew: Sunday Gravy

If y’all recall, I had to settle some trash talk about my gravy making abilities.  During Superbowl 2010 the 3 families came together to settle things and Gina, Frank and I cooked our faces off. In the end, we determined the best gravy was a melange of all three (OK, enough of the politically correct bullshit, I liked mine the best!)

My good friend Valerie, at A Canadian Foodie, has been warning me that she was ready to put up a Sunday Gravy to be reckoned with. I met Valerie when I was just starting up the blog and her passion for food and teaching people how to cook has been inspriational to say the least. Take a pop by her site and you’ll see what I mean.

A few weeks ago Val made good on her promise  for a sunday gravy feast and she wasn’t kidding!

Look at Valerie’s bad-boy bracciole (link):

…and here is Andy’s entry (recipe link, episode link)

I wish I had a better picture of my final product (or Gina’s or Frank’s).  I was frantic serving and eating so it was my good luck that Dana even snapped this one.

To be honest, after reading Val’s recipe I think we have a pretty close call.  I think her bracciole looks absolutely scrumptious, as did the rest of her meal.

So pour yourself a nice glass of wine (a nice Amarone for me please), take a cruise by Valerie’s site, follow it up with my episode and lets hear what you think!