My Big Fat Greek Lamburger

Last week Nicole and I watched a Bobby Flay Throwdown episode for burgers. Bobby’s competitor, Susan Mello, put together a Greek lamb burger that Nic really wanted to try.

Rather than retype and plagiarize the whole recipe, here is the direct link:
Susan Mello’s Lamburger recipe

So what was the verdict?

It was OK. Just OK. Certainly no contest winner. I don’t remember who won the  actual throwdown, but Susan used this recipe to win 20 large in some other competition.  Personally for a burger contest, it should be bacon and cheese all the way.  I think Nic and I have gotten used to a much more intense flavor profile from eating so much street meat!

Here is what I would change:

  • Remove the mint.  I have recently realized that I hate fresh mint.  I hate mojitos, and I hated anything we tried juicing that had mint in it.  I barely like basil.  I like lifesavers though.
  • Add oregano and garlic to the lamb.  For some reason, when I think greek — I think oregano.  Having it just on the eggplant is too limited.
  • Grill the eggplant with much less olive oil (maybe none).  These soaked up the oil and just seemed greasy.
  • Cut the eggplant thinner to keep it from shooting out.
  • Soften the pita a bit (not sure how, maybe steaming?)  Our pitas fell apart really quickly and we wound up with piles of lamb and goop everywhere.
  • I think somehow it should incorporate calamata olives.  Maybe a few ground up in the meat?

Here is what we really liked:

  • Lamb rocks, especially with the cumin.  Mary knew the deal.
  • Loved the feta added to the tzaziki.  It was wonderful and a little reminiscent of the blue cheese dip you use with Buffalo wings.

Now if I could replicate the giant beans in tomato sauce I had in Corfu I’d be a happy man!