Season 1 – Episode 6: Refrigerator Pickles

While making the broth and matzoh balls for episode 5, I had some free time and whipped out a really quick video on how to make fridge pickles (no canning experience necessary). Besides, it’s burger season and I was running a little low on my pickle stash.

These aren’t like the sour or half-sour pickles you find in the deli, however they are similar to store bought ‘ bread and butter’ pickles. I never understood what makes ‘bread and butter’ pickles earn that name? Who puts pickles on bread and butter anyway?  Maybe we can coin a new term for ’em: “bread and bacon fat pickles”?

After about a week or so, this is what they will look like (sorry I ate all the long ones already).

As with the matzoh ball recipe, I found the basis of this recipe online somewhere and doctored it up a little bit — much appreciation to the original author!