Season 1 – Episode 4: Super Sunday Gravy Throwdown

Finally, after over a week, we finished editing down what was a monstrous amount of footage to fit YouTube’s ten minute limit. Unfortunately we left a lot on the cutting room floor, so we will likely supplement with some outtakes and the complete recipes. This was a first for TJCC: our first throwdown, as well as our first guest, Frank.

Looking back, my gravy probably had waaaay too much meat (scratch that, there is really no such thing as too much meat). After saucing everyone’s macaroni the leftovers in my pot seemed more like a bolognase.

A big round of thanks to the other contestant, Gina, as well as all the guest judges. Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed eating.


P.S. – Keep in mind that both recipes were doubles, which will help to explain the gargantuan proportions. Also, If you are going to make the bracciole, I would recommend mincing the garlic finer, and possibly even cooking it first. Marty Yule gave me a good tip to dredge it in flour before pan-frying.

Here is the link to Andy’s gravy recipe