“Super Sunday Gravy Throwdown” update: They were sleepin’ with the knishes!

The bracciole that broke the camel’s back…

Against all odds, I took the prize for “best Sunday Gravy” (meat sauce, in case you didn’t know)…but I can’t gloat too much since I lost “best meatball”. My competitors were good sports and helped with a little collective pow-wow down at the wire to help my gravy achieve some much needed thickness.

To be honest, I think if the judging crowd were all old-school Italians I wouldn’t have stood a chance. My gravy may be a little too avant garde, I think the common term heard was “herby”. The good news is that we all walked away with some new techniques that are applicable for other dishes.

All three recipes were rockin’ and no one would have complained if receiving any of the bowls from a Italian restaurant.

Coming soon, footage and my recipe, and if we are lucky maybe I can coax out the other two recipes as well.