Under-appreciated veggie of the week: Brussel Sprouts

Happy St. Paddy’s day all my Irish friendsย (and anyone else that decides to wear green or add a “Mc” or “O'” to their name today).

While most people think cabbage ain’t good for much, at least today the cabbage gets to be in the spotlight as best supporting veggie. Cabbie’s baby cousin the brussel* gets so little respect I thought I’d gussy some up for some proper roasting.

So today enjoy your cabbage, but soon give the ole brussel a spin. Just half them, toss in olive oil, and bang them onto a cookie sheet with a little salt and pepper. Roast them until they are nice and brown and you are good to go. Wanna add bacon or pancetta, who am I to stop you?

Notice I didn’t write “roasted to perfection” anywhere? It’s not a weekend unless I am complaining about something, so dear reader let me get a rant off my chest. “Cooked to Perfection”? Everytime I see that phrase on a restaurant menu I want to hurl. So what they are saying is that one dish of shrimp or whatever the hell they are so freakin’ proud of is “cooked to perfection”? What about everything else? Do they just slap that crap together? “Cooked to perfection”. Humpf.

OK, gotta run, I have an O’tini (ugh) with my name written all over it. That should help get me “drunk to perfection”.

*I don’t really know if the cabbage and brussel are related scientifically. ย Don’t believe everything you read online, kids. ย The last I checked, I didn’t have a botany degree and I’m too lazy to ask the googlemeister.