Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving at the Jew residence 2009.  Table for 14.

Not much content here, just wanted to wish my loyal (or not so loyal) readers a happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you are spending your time with loved ones (or at least lusted ones) and gorging yourself silly.

This year we’ll have 14 people and I’ve gone with two 15 pound fresh killed turkeys.  One was brined, the other will just be salted and peppered.  I want to settle the importance of brining question once and for all.  More on this soon.

Post Thanksgiving update:  Leftovers almost gone, and the brined bird won hands down.  Even the leftovers were juicier.  Next year instead of two turkeys we do a normal turkey (brined) and a turducken.

Here are a few pics from Thanksgivings past, hope you enjoy:

The view out of my front window on Thanksgiving 2006.  These wild turkeys must have thought the coast was clear!

Mr. TJCC himself in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade circa late 90’s.  Boy they don’t make escargot like they used to!

Still clowning around.