Bloody Manny

Anyone who knows me understands how much of a staple Bloody Marys are in my drinking repertoire. Hell, it’s my basic nutrition when in Vegas.

This whole blogging gig has done more than embarrass me at work; it has introduced me to a bunch of really interesting people scattered around the globe. Even more up my alley is that each has unique perspectives on food, cooking, culture, etc.

One of my online buddies is Velva, who runs the blog Tomatoes on the Vine. Velva really covers a lot of territory on her site, lots of great recipes and plenty ‘o booze.  When she asked me to guest post on her site I jumped at the offer, but I thought, “better not blow it.”

Anyhoo, to avoid make a short story long, I made my famous Bloody Mannys since they fit her theme well, looked nice, and most importantly I was parched.

So, without further ado, click here to see the Bloody Manny in its full glory.  I didn’t blow it.

While you are there you should browse around, she is very prolific and has a lot of really cool stuff.  Here are a  few things sure to pop up at my next shindig or two:


PS – Since I made all the links all auto-clicky-like, here is Velva’s blog address for reference: